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        About TTM Technologies
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        Industry Certifications

        TTM partners with the most respected, third-party global organizations to independently review and validate our quality, safety and manufacturing processes. In addition, TTM adheres to specific environmental guidelines as directed by RoHS and REACH.

        Below are the major third-party certification categories. For a complete list of all TTM certifications by facility, please go to our Downloads library.

        • UL Standards - all TTM manufacturing sites are UL listed
        • ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certifications
        • NADCAP Certifications
        • Military and Aerospace Certifications
          • MIL - PRF 31032
        • ITAR compliant (North America)
        • Automotive Certifications
          • IATF 16949
        • Medical Certifications
          • ISO 13485
        • Environmental
          • REACh-SVHC and RoHS Compliance Status